21 mar, 2023

Today, the first Carbonhand® systems are delivered to patients

Jan 25, 2023 · Regulatory information

Today, the new Carbonhand® is delivered to the first patients in Sweden, Norway, and Germany. Carbonhand, which was launched at the end of last year, has received high praise from patients and healthcare professionals, and now we can deliver systems that will help people with impaired hand function to be able to carry out daily activities and get back to work.

The previous version of our grip enhancing glove Carbonhand has been available in Sweden, Norway and Germany for the past few years and our distributors have had the opportunity to show and trial the brand-new version of Carbonhand to patients since the launch. The interest has been great and Carbonhand has already been prescribed to several patients in these countries.

We currently have an order backlog of approx. 40 Carbonhand systems with an order value of just over SEK 2 million. The order backlog includes both systems for patients and demonstration equipment with 10 gloves per system. We plan to deliver the ordered systems in the next three months.

"The fact that we are today delivering the first systems of Carbonhand, a medical device that is approved for sale throughout Europe, is possible thanks to the fantastic efforts of Bioservo's competent and committed employees. With the new Carbonhand, we can improve patients' grip function in a completely new intuitive way and at the same time revolutionize care for people with impaired hand function worldwide. The company expects that approximately 150 million patients have impaired hand function, and the assessment is that at least 13% of these would be helped by Carbonhand." Says Petter Bäckgren, CEO at Bioservo.

About Carbonhand
The grip-strengthening glove Carbonhand from Bioservo gives people with reduced hand function extra strength and endurance in their grip. Sensors in the fingertips register when the user grips an object, the system calculates how much force to add and pulls on artificial tendons that go out into the fingers of the hand and add force to the user's grip. Carbonhand® is classified and approved as a medical device under the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR), and is available in several countries in Europe and Australia.

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