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About Bioservo Technologies

Bioservo Technologies is a world leading company in wearable muscle strengthening systems for people in need of extra strength and endurance. All products and systems are based on their award-winning SEM-technology invented by Professor Hans von Holst (neurosurgery), Professor Jan Wikander and Doctor Johan Ingvast, PhD (mechatronic engineering).

After many years of research and development, Bioservo Technologies now focuses on the commercialization of its products and patented technologies. The developed gloves are well suited for both rehabilitation within health and medical care as well as preventively for professionals in the industry. The company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with several multinational companies within e.g. the automobile, aircraft as well as the construction and infrastructure industry.
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About Roessingh Research and Development

Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) is a large scientific research institute focused on rehabilitation technology and eHealth. RRD works closely with Roessingh, Centre for Rehabilitation and the University of Twente in the field of rehabilitation technology and eHealth, but also with international partners.
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