Project start: April 1st

Project update: March 2023

Work performed from the beginning of the project to the end of the period (covered by the periodic report and main results achieved so far):

The project started with identifying the high-level requirements for the system based on experience from previous research projects and focus group interviews with patients (primary end-users) and therapists (secondary end-users) (WP1). Significant development of software and hardware was done with focus on usability, comfort and performance (WP2, WP3). A cloud-based data collection system was developed (WP3).

User trials were prepared and has been initiated during this report period (WP4). A dissemination plan was created, and a number of key disseminations activated were performed (WP5). Distributors for the new Carbonhand glove has been educated. An education platform, Bioservo Academy has been developed to facilitate for distributors, primary and secondary end-users. Carbonhand was launched and delivered to customers in January 2023. Cooperation has been initiated with an external manufacturing partner to enable production scale-up. This project goes beyond the state-of-the-art devices by using an intention detection logic that activates the support if the user initiates the movement by a natural and intuitive movement intention. The devices have actuators that can respond immediately and in a natural way in order to facilitate the intended movement. Specific algorithms have been improved so that the force provided by the actuators doesn’t replace the natural force by the user but complementing it. Multiple improvements have also been made with the aim to improve the product from an ergonomic aspect.

The socio-economic impact of the usage of this technology can be significant. With the possibility for patients for rehabilitation in a shorter amount of time, in their home environment, the number of resources needed for these patients will be reduced. This provides a possibility to allocate resources within the healthcare system in another way.

Carbonhand Med Text Och Pilar
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Visit Bioservo Academy for more information about Carbonhand.

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