Project start: March 1st 2021

Project update: September 2021

Within WP1, user requirements from therapists has been gathered. To collect user requirements from sub-acute and chronic patients, interview protocols will be used which have been finalized. Recruitment of potential suitable candidates within different Dutch clinical centers has been started.

The glove development has been initiated in WP2. A new glove design is under development with distinct improvements, based on user feedback, compared to existing product.

Different alternatives for user interface have also been detailed and described to enable a good balance between user acceptance, complexity, and cost.

In WP3, an architecture for the data connection and analysis system has been created including a database and all needed modules for a functional system. Technical decisions have been made for selection of database type, development tools etc. A communication interface between the glove system and the data system has been developed. This system includes functionality for visualizing user data and performing firmware/software updates. In the coming period, a first version will be developed and demonstrated.

An architecture for the mobile app has been developed, including communication interface to the glove system. Tools and environments for development of the app has been developed.

Within WP4, RRD started with developing the test protocols for the usability and lab study. In addition, the preparation of all documents needed for the ethical committee have been initiated.

All deliverables within WP5 have been carried out according to plan. WP5 includes the overall management of the project.