Project Description

The consortium’s goal within this project is to develop a next generation light robotic glove (FutureGlove) aiding in grip and hand movement function supporting the execution of hand rehab movements in normal occupational activities at work or at home. This solution will increase hand mobility and will help to regain physical independence, increase quality of life, leverage work productivity & reduce the burden of the healthcare system. The glove is directed to the wide range of patient groups with reduced hand function within the following diagnosis groups:

- Physical injuries such as Spinal Cord Injuries, traumatic injuries (Central and Peripheral Nervous System), Orthopedic injuries (Radius Fracture), Musculoskeletal injuries (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Epicondylitis)

- Disabling diseases such as Stroke and Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

- Reduced hand function due to aging (Sarcopenia and Arthrosis). The robotic glove will be a direct result of combined efforts of Bioservo and RRD to build a device that meets a patient's functional and therapeutic needs.

FutureGlove is a new generation of the robotic glove Carbonhand which opens new markets for the soft-robotic product that we intend to develop within this project scope. Several clinical and pilot studies performed by Bioservo provided valuable insights, in particular proving a high potential for the glove to act as a therapeutic assistive device. Gathered feedback revealed that there is a consumer and market need and readiness for a hand device to serve the therapeutic function for targeted diagnosis in a more efficient way. Carbonhand was designed for orthotic use only, but studies show that the glove also has a therapeutic effect.

About FutureGlove

FutureGlove is a soft robotic glove that can add extra strength to the grip and increase grip function for:

a) persons who perform intense manual labor/sports and want to prevent any hand issues

b) persons who want to reduce the risk of occupational injuries related to manual activities at work or home and

c) persons recovering from hand problems

The FutureGlove has a slim design and the same look and feel as a regular glove. Mini-actuators and high performance batteries provide enough strength to support activities at work or at home for 4-16 hours without recharge, while keeping the total weight of the system low.

What can FutureGlove do?

Preventive market: FutureGlove is a primary prevention tool that reduces the risk of leisure and work-related injuries and in the same time increases efficiency.

Assistive market: FutureGlove can support activities of daily life for older adults.

Rehabilitation market: FutureGlove can reduce the duration and cost of rehabilitation by allowing the patient to train at home with the glove