Project Objectives

Futureglove is a new generation of the robotic glove Carbonhand which opens new markets for the soft-robotic product.

Several clinical and pilot studies performed by Bioservo provided valuable insights, in particular proving a high potential for the glove to act as a therapeutic assistive device. Gathered feedback revealed that there is a consumer and market need and readiness for a hand device to serve the therapeutic function for targeted diagnosis in a more efficient way. Carbonhand was designed for orthotic use only, but studies show that the glove also has a therapeutic effect.

Improve the assist & prevent and rehab gloves and prepare for volume manufacturing

- Improve the performance of the gloves (ergonomics i.e. weight, autonomy)

- Reduce the production cost of the glove

- Prepare the device certification process in various countries

Validate the assist & prevent and rehab gloves in a broad range of operational environments

- Demonstrate and evaluate the use cases with the assist & prevent glove

- Demonstrate and evaluate the use cases with the rehab glove

Develop PR, sales and partner infrastructure to support market launch

- Develop an infrastructure to enable new market sales

- Increase stakeholder awareness about soft robotics solutions

- Develop and manage a global community of partners combining their solutions with Futureglove